who we work for

Retailers, suppliers and brands

Luckro users who take photos are all those who want to show the work done in stores, that is, the retailers and their store team, as well as Salesman, Promoters and Suppliers research team.  

how it works 

Through the LuckroSpot APP (DOWNLOAD HERE for IOS or HERE for Android), retailers can earn incentives when showing the certified photos that are fulfilling the supplier's request. That way Brands can make sure that has the right assortment, exposed  in a correct way, with right price and promotions for each retailer. 

how much

   The use of the LuckroSpot app is free to take photos, and for brands it costs much less than a face-to-face visit, achieving better results when the retailer is engaged in the execution. If you have a product brand sold at retail, be sure to contact us so we can send you a proposal, and you can start selling more with less costs! .


How does Luckro communicate with retailers?

Through in-app notifications, email or SMS, in addition to maintaining campaign information on our blog, in the Campaigns section, here.

How many photos can you take and how often?

It depends on the terms and conditions of each incentive, there is no limit on photos applied by the app.

How is the incentive paid? 

Payments can be in cash, in Luckro$ points (soon), in discounts or bonus that the company provides implemented in its commercial policy.

Why can't I share the photo?

In order to share, you must first RECORD the photo, which is registered on your phone and on our servers.


What does Luckro do with the photos?

We analyze and report to suppliers the status of the brand display, and whether it was approved or not.

If the photo is not approved, what happens?

Luckro informs that it was not approved and sends a notification explaining the reasons, requesting a new photo. If you take the new photo within 24h you won't lose the incentive!

What phones can I install Luckro on? I am unable to install the Luckro app.

If your phone is Android 6.0 or higher, or an iPhone 5 or higher, the LuckroSpot app is supported. Make sure you have the enough memory, you may need to uninstall an app if your memory is full.